Bali Jewelry Handcrafted 9k Gold Bangle (13g)

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FlipJewels Direct Manufacturer Of 925 Sterling Silver Bali Jewelry, Earring, Pendant, Ring, Bracelet, Necklace, Bangle, Watch, Chains . Fashion jewelry bangle from Bali Indonesia. 925 Sterling Silver bangles made in Indonesia handmade in Bali by skill craftsmen and artisans.

Beautiful Anniversary, birthday, Christmas gift options: Exquisitely hand-crafted Gold Balinese bangle for Women. Our promise is to offer Best Quality Bali Jewelry at the most competitive Price. Each Bali jewelry makes a great fashion statement with its intricate details and black vintage finish for a more exotic look. Each piece is Unique and one-of-a-kind due to all hand-craftsmanship which takes up to 15-20 hours to complete. Our commitment to quality and tradition, ensures finest craftsmanship in each piece. In the spirit of local tradition, each piece is blessed with a Balinese offering of love and gratitude.


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