About Us



Welcome to FlipJewels where our purpose is to bring you joy of buying jewels, direct to you, 24/7/365. We’re confident we will deliver best of products and services.

Formed in 2015, Lavi Solutions Private Limited (LSPL) is parent company of FlipJewels. With its presence across China, Hong Kong, India and other south Asian countries, FlipJewels is backed by a strong infrastructure company. We believe to provide maximised benefits to our customer so that every product you buy from us gives maximum peace of mind.

Over the years, LSPL business model has been showing a steady growth and FlipJewels is a result of extensive market studies and research and we are confident to grow with similar pace.

LSPL is committed to consumer education, bringing you the backstories and product details you need to make informed purchasing decisions. We’re devoted to bringing you great value with high quality at a low cost. We’re passionate about our loyal customers. That’s why we provide attentive, you-centric service and support, so you can shop happy with FlipJewels. Thats how we say – Joy and Jewels!